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Federal Workers' Compensation

  • Getting Your Claim Accepted 
  • Getting Treatment
  • Adding Consequential Conditions
  • Getting Paid for Your Time Off Work
  • Workplace Accommodations
  • OWCP Forms and Reports
  • Schedule Award Impairment Ratings
  • Harassment & Video Surveillance Assistance
  • Federal Medical Disability Retirement

VA Disability

  • Getting Your VA Claims Accepted
  • Adding Consequential Conditions
  • Fair Disability Rating Percentages 

Unfortunately, few doctors understand the VA disability criteria for determining if a medical condition is service connected or how to correctly rate the disability percentage. It is OK, if you don’t have medical records from when you were in military service. Tell us your medical history & we provide an expert medical opinion that becomes your medical record.

Legal Medicine

Social Security Disability • Personal Injury • State Work Comp • Disability Insurance
The lack of Legal Medicine training can result in doctors being unconsciously biased against injured patients. It is difficult to find a doctor to treat injured patients with fairness and compassion. An untrained doctor’s medical report can cause harm to patients and confusion to our legal system. Our medical expertise can help you with your injury claims.


Dr. Ellis provides Federal Work Comp & VA Disability Seminars across the nation for employees, unions, attorneys, physicians and Veterans. 

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